John Hemmings Photography

John is an Adelaide based commercial photographer with 25 years experience in a broad range of specialities. He began his career specialising in medical photography and then subsequently broadened his experience by choosing to freelance in business/commercial photography.

He has spent these years creating professional images that act as tools for communication for a wide range of media use. Subsequently he has worked in nearly every aspect of Business, Commercial, Public Relations, Corporate, and Documentation photography. See his web-galleries of Industrial, Educational, Business, Editorial, Arts etc

…images can be the first critical impression that a client makes through any communications / media.

John’s fundamental understanding of his craft is that…

Photographs are a powerful form of communication…and what you wish to say is relayed through an image’s construction… Images/photographs are stories in and of themselves and by their very nature… lead the viewer to construe meaning…

Who you choose to help create your effectiveness in communications is of critical importance. John’s creative images will always meet or surpass expectation.

You can contact / book him P: 8362 5950, M: 0412 672 530, E:
PO Box 1008 Glenelg South SA 5045